We had to put down our dog TARA

Our dog TARA
Our dog TARA

We were busy all day at the lodge and in the evening we came back late to our Land Rover. Tara was already asleep but she wanted to go out. We let her out and she was walking around but of course smelled the bone which we brought her. Greedily she took it, but as she did not want it dropped in the sand she swallowed it in one go. It got stuck in her throat and she tried to get it out again. It was minutes of horror for us, as it looked like she was dieing. Eventually she got it our we we really reliefed that she solved the problem.

In the morning we woke up and Tara had changed. She got a lot of water in her body and we could not figure out why. Of course she got heavy as well. I could not lift her alone in the car anymore, so we had to lift her together.


She got even more heavy and hardly fitted on her bed. We had to do something. It seems as the cancer she had in her was breaking out heavily. During the day she stayed under the car, breathing heavily.

Her condition got worse and worse. She hardly could walk anymore. We knew that er end was very close. We had to make a decision. We phoned the vet, Dr. Hartman and told him the situation. He agreed, that we had to put her down. We were crying. He did not have time for the next day, only for the 5th of November.

We took the day of to spend all our time with her. In the afternoon she could breath very badly. In the evening we gave her pure meat. We felt miserable. The sun was setting and she watched the sunset, which she loved so much. We cried. We thought that she knew that she has to die soon. Marianne came to the campsite to say goodbye to Tara. But she offered us to drive her to the vet in Otjiwarongo, which would help us a lot. When the sun had set, we lifted her back into the car – her last night in her beloved Land Rover.

Early in the morning Marianne was at the campsite with her bakkie. Tara was walking for a pee, after that she fell down. She could not get up anymore. I had to help her to get up. We lifted her in Mariannes car, after putting her blanket into the car. I was sitting next to Marianne, Alexandra at the rear bench next to Tara. We drove. She did not lie down, but was sitting on her bed watching the landscape, the thing what she enjoyed so much when we travelled. She sucked in the landscape, as if she would not want to leave that world. With her mouth she touched me, to cuddle her. Tears ran down my cheeks – I loved her so much. The time was endless to the vet. Eventually we arrived. We could not lift her out because there was too little space. I tried it alone, but she was so heavy that she slipped out of my hands. I helped her out, Alex took her on the leash. She wanted to make a pee, which she did and step after step she walked towards the vets entrance door, resting in between. The vet came out and she greeted him excitedly, she knew him from former visits. She was a brave girl, she was walking herself into her death. In the examination room the vet said it was the right time to put her down. We did not need to lift her onto the table. Hartman gave her an injection at the floor. She was fighting, wanted to bite him. Her will to live was to strong. After a while she got a little bit dizzy. We laid her aside, so that the vet could find her venes. As she was swollen, he could not find them, and she wanted to bite him. Alex had to push her head down, I cuddled her belly to comfort her a bit. She had so sad eyes. Eventually he found the venes and injected the substance – one and another. Life left her body and she died. I could not realize what had happened. I left the room, went out. I started crying. When I came back Hartman gave me a hug. It is terrible to loose a loved animal. She was my companion for almost 15 years. It was agreed that Hartmann cremates her body. I took her collar the only thing which I had from her. We left, leaving her dead body behind. When we had arrived back at the campsite a huge rainbow was spanning over the campsite. We always said that she had to walk across the rainbow bridge. That was what she did and she sent us this rainbow. We felt lonely, without her, our companion for so many years. She was just missing. She was born on 3rd of March 2000 and had died on 5th of November 2014, she almost got 15 years old.

Our dog TARA
Our dog TARA