Our Plans

Our actual Journey:

Plans for this trip:

We have a rough idea where we would like to travel, but in Africa things can change frequently, so you have often to decide in the very last moment and have to change your plans.

It starts from Cape Town in ZAR, leads to Windhoek (Namibia), Kamanjab (Namibia), Grootfontein (Namibia), Tsumkwe (Namibia), Maun (Botswana), Quwai River (Botswana), Magkadigadi (Botswana), Nata (Botswana), Hunters Road (Botswana), Kasane (Botswana), Vic Falls (Zimbabwe), Lake Kariba (Zimbabwe), Hwenge NP (Zimbabwe), Bulawajo (Zimbabwe), Masvingo (Zimbabwe), Mutare (Zimbabwe), Beira (Mozambique), Xai Xai (Mozambique), along the coast of Mozambique up to Tanzania, along the cost of Tanzania to Kenya, up to Lamu, down to Tsavo, Kilimandjaro, Nairobi, Masai Mara, Eldoret, Lake Turkana into Ethiopia to the Mursi tribe, into South Sudan to Juba and Wau Wau, down to Uganda, Murchinson, down to Virunga, entering Rwanda, to Burundi, to Zambia, west side of Tanzania down to Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa until Cape Town. Approx. 40.000 kilometers.

As said before, that is the idea, plans can change, future will show.

Future Plans:

From South Africa we want to ship the Land Rover to South America and circumnavigate this continent, maybe up to North America and from there ship to Asia. Again future will show!

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