Land Rover Repair in Kamanjab

Land Rover Repair in Kamanjab

18.11.2014 – 12.12.2014
Nothing special – just working on our computers and in the evenings at the bar.

As the Land Rover needed a lot of maintenance, I had ordered lots of parts from Windhok, which Vital had brought me days before, and with Duncan, a Scotish guy we made an appointment to change wheel bearings front, oils seals, swivel pin and bearing, brake linings to name it. In the morning I drove to the 20 kms distant place where Duncan lived. We started to dismantle everything, when we were interrupted by the creams of locals, that a boy had fallen out of a donkey cart and was injured. Duncan’s wife Debbie drove the boy to hospital. We did not even work for an hour on the car, when somebody called „ The Filmhaus is burning“. The filmhouse was formerly a film set for a famous movie, and later Duncan converted it in guest house. When we arrived there the roof was already burning like hell. With water buckets which had to filled from the swimming pool they had already started to extinguish, but soon it was clear that they would not succeed. I took Duncans cruiser and drove to the main road because there was phone reception, to phone Vital to come with his fire extinguish trailer, where a petrol water pump was mounted. For hours we fought the fire, also the Himbas that lived on his compound helped and eventually we could stop the fire. With Vital we drove back to Oppi Koppi, because of course the car was not finished. I had some pizza and drinks and went to bed.

Land Rover Repair with Duncan
Land Rover Repair with Duncan
Land Rover Series 1
Land Rover Series 1

In the morning we were picked up by a worker of Duncan to finish the car. Except for bleeding the brakes, we could finish by late afternoon, bleeding was to risky for him, as some pipes might brake and we did not have spare ones. Evening as usual work in the bar.

Vital and Marianne had planned a vaccation with a Swiss Friend for ten days, for which we still had stayed to take care of the lodge together with their daughter Melissa. They had left and Alexandra and Melissa planned for the decoration of the xmas dinner.

17.12.2014 – 23.12.2014
Nothing special happened, the days got more quiet as the people did not come to the bar so often, probably they had to save for christmas, so we closed rather early every day.

Alex, Melissa and the staff started decorating the restaurant and bar, the staff got its Xmas presents and together with Melissa and her boyfriend, we enjoyed Xmas lunch, which was a stuffed filet with baked potatoes and as a desert a kind of cocktail. Quite nice. In the evening Anne and Rick joined as well, a nice evening.

25.12.2014 – 26.12.2014
Nothing special, work in the quiet bar.

Vital and Marianne arrived back and we told them that we would leave already at 31st of December instead of 5th of January when our visa expired, because we had arranged with Melissa and Skulk to spen1 New year together in Etosha pan. Vital and Marianne were a little bit disappointed that we do not work at New year, but they made a plan.

27.12.2014 – 30.12.2014
Nothing special