Diagnosis: Cancer

We help our friends in the bar

11.10. to 15.10.2014
The days went on and nothing special happened. Every evening we helped at the bar of Oppikoppi. It was quite interesting, as we learned a bit of Afrikaans and met interesting people.

It was now really time to visit the vet. Taras nails were really to long now and she did not walk properly anymore. We have known the vet in Otjiwarongo for quite a time, so we had made an appointment for the morning. We packed Tara into the Land Rover and drove there. Dr.Hartman welcomed us and Tara of course did not like to get in.
She was always a little bit angry when it came to clipping her nails, not even we were allowed to touch her nails. Dr.Hartman did not want to use the muzzle, which in our opinion was a bit risky. And indeed when he touched her nails she started to go for him. He sent us out of the room and oh wonder after a few minutes all her nails were clipped her not making a single noise. Then he had a look at her ulcer, which she had got after her uterus operation a few years ago. Then we were told this is just some liquid which comes from the joints. But Dr.Hartman took a sample and it was clear now that it was cancer. How long she would live he could not tell us, it could get fast but it could also take years – nobody knows, as she was old already chances that it would not grow fast were very high. At least we had expected something like that but were not too concerned as she was already living with that for some years. Hartman – although he would close his clinic soon – offered in case we need something, we could call him any time. A little bit worried nevertheless we drove back to Kamanjab.




How everything started: