Ssese Islands – Kingfisher Campsite – nice place to stay

Ssese Islands – we stayed at Kingfisher campsite

In the morning we learned that during the night a thief came over the wall and wanted to steal something from a South African guys tent, but the guy chased him, but could not get him.
We walked to town to do some shopping and at noon we left the place to go to the ferry to Ssese Islands. We queued up, waiting is the main occupation when traveling in Africa, and visited the market there. When we came back the police was checking the cars before going on to the ferry. Even the roof boxes were checked. We boarded backwards, the ferry is small, only about 8 cars have space.

We payed 80.000 USh for the car and two passengers, which is about 30 US$. The trip takes 3 hours to Kapalanga, you arrive there at around 5.p.m. We wanted to drive to Hornbill campsite, but missed the entrance and ended up at the neighboring plot, where the French-Canadian couple (first met in Mombasa) stayed over the weekend. But wanted to Hornbill, so we drove there. The site was run by a German couple, Tina and Dicker, for already 19 years. It was a small place, idyllically situated at the beach under trees, small local restaurant, some bandas, cold shower, no electricity, 10.000 USh per person. They had solar panels and we wanted to try in the morning if it would be enough for our computer. But soon we learned that the solar power only was enough for the evening light. The girls prepared some food for us, there was hardly any choice, but I got Eggs and Chips which was okay. As it was late we slept early, but had enjoyed the warm evening, after we fitted Mosquito coils in the car.

Ssese Islands - young kingfisher
Ssese Islands – young kingfisher

In the morning there was some rumor, because workers from the neighboring lodge came and started to cut all the trees and bushes. It was a weird situation, because there was a police man as well. The owners were furious, we learned that they had problems with his neighbor, he wanted to drive away the German couple. We got the advice to try Kingfisher campsite next to the ferry pier, because the power was just not enough to stay. So we moved. At first site it looked too close to the ferry, but the site was really nice, had power, so we decided to stay. Later the lady boss came and due to lack of language she sent the boy who takes care of everything to welcome us on her behalf. Just nice. In the evening they made a huge campfire and invited us to sit with them. A rather young couple from Entebbe has arrived and we were talking with them. Of course the topic was European occupation of Uganda and independence, and the young buy was very interested from which age you are allowed to fuck a girl in Europe. Really entertaining.

Ssese Islands - Kingfisher campsite
Ssese Islands – Kingfisher campsite

Unfortunately there is not power all day. The Island as a whole is not connected to the power line. So there is a generator on the Island that supplies the people here. There is power from to 12p.m. During the night no power. In theory. So it happened that they switched on the generator only at around 11 am which was annoying because we wanted to work. So power was off, Alexandra started to bake bread at the open fire, which attracted the boss of the campsite. She was very interested what Alexandra was doing and she had to explain every detail.

Ssese Islands - Beach at campsite
Ssese Islands – Beach at campsite

When the bread was finished, she gave her half of it, she was so happy that she cuddled Alexandra. Later she sent the boy again to express her appreciation. Very nice people. The owners of Hornbill arrived here to have a chat with the owners of Kingfisher. This German couple really had massive problems. In the evening again with the young Ugandan couple at the campfire, this time the topic was not sex, but Economy and production in Kenya.

Ssese Islands campsite
Ssese Islands campsite

Nothing but work, Alexandra made photos from the campsite.

Weekend. A lot of people arrived and they had to put up additional tents for the guests, which they rented. There was power today but no water, so our water purifier had a lot of work, filtering the water from the lake. There were only Ugandan guest, they did not mind because anyway they swam in the lake in spite of Bilharzia. The girls here are very open minded, not Muslim, and have no problem with nudity. One girl had a dress that covered only half her ass, which she showed in all directions. That is how they go for a swim, the beach here is amazing, palm trees and the water very warm.

Together with the owners Alexandra made a baking session and cooking orgy. The owners were so excited that they wanted to try this themselves, so we had to get some ingredients when we went to Masaka.

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