New Jungle Junction – We were the first guests

New Jungle Junction – Chris had moved to a new place in Karen

We left early and arrived in Nairobi at around noon. First we did not find the new Jungle Junction, but finally we found the place. It was really huge compared to the old Jungle Junction and there had still a lot to be done.

At the site there was an American called Eliza, on a trip with her motorbike through Africa. Kira and Rufus the dogs were still at the other compound. In the afternoon Robert and Maria had to move from the old to the new Jungle Junction as well. So we were together again. As it was our wedding anniversary we wanted to eat out, but in the nearby location there were no proper restaurant, so we bought T-bone steaks and prepared it ourselves.

Jungle Junction - My darling Kira
Jungle Junction – My darling Kira

10.08.2013 to 13.08.2013
We spent the days with working and having fun with Robert, Maria and Eliza.

Maria had got their Visas for Ethiopia and Sudan, so they left. We took farewell, maybe we might meet each other somewhere in this world. As Saudi Arabia was too difficult for us, right hand driven cars were not allowed there and had to be transported on a truck, and we had no marriage certificate with us, we decided just to go up to Lake Turkana, then turn back slowly to South Africa to ship from there to South America. That was the new plan.

15.08.2013 to 30.08.2013
As we still had plenty of time with our Kenya visa, we decided to stay a bit longer in Nairobi and work on our computers. Shlomi, our Israeli friend occasionally came to visit us, had some maintenance at our furniture in the car, filled our gas cylinders and bought new chairs at the road side. Got a battery charger for our second battery to have light again (Robert had helped in Tiwi beach with the cabling of the 2.battery), the charger was much too expensive, about 100 US$, but was the only available.

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