Tiwi Beach – Twiga Lodge relaxing

We relaxed at Twiga Lodge at Tiwi Beach

In the morning we had to go to Mombasa again, for a visa extension. At the immigration people are quite helpful. It was no big issue to extend for another three month.

Tara enjoying Tiwi Beach
Tara enjoying Tiwi Beach

09.07.2013 to 30.07.2013
One day the architect couple arrived, which we had met three years ago at the same place. They told a lot of stories about what they did in the last three years. But they were already tired of Africa and if they could not get work again, they eventually would go back to Germany.
The other days we spent with our Swiss friends, doing shopping together and in the evening we were having dinner together and had a lot of interesting conversation.

I did some work at the Land Rover, I had fitted a water temperature gauge already back in Nairobi which never worked properly and bought a tank sender and brake master cylinder as well. My tank sender did not work properly as well, so I drove together with Robert to Omari to get it fixed. We dismantled it but strange enough, when it was not fitted in the tank it worked, but when we refitted it, it did not show the correct reading. When we were driving back to the campsite Robert wondered why it did not show the correct reading. It stopped at a certain point, no matter how full the tank was. At the campsite we had an idea. It looked like as if the tank sender showed the temperature of the cooling water. Robert had a look at my electrical installation of the water temperature gauge and almost had a heart attack. I had just connected it to the fuel tank gauge. Robert explained, that you never should fit two transmitters to the same connection. So I disconnected the temperature and connected it directly to the fuse box. And now both worked properly. Robert was teasing me, of course, but I have never heard that you could not do like I did. Thx Robert.

Robert was also helping to repair the poles of our huge tent. The other days nothing special, just relaxing, enjoying the sea and the nice climate.

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