Land rover stuttering again – Back to Arusha

Land Rover stuttering – again problems with the same parts

In the morning both did not feel too well, so they did not want to drive themselves and asked Paulo, if we could drive them with their car to Arusha, they would give him the money for going back by Matatu. Around noon they left. We left as well, we wanted to go to Tarangire National Park. We drove on, but had to go to the ATM first, but the one which was on our way did not work, so we had to drive on to Arusha, which was frustrating, because we wanted in the other direction. But anyway the Land Rover stuttering again, so we had to sort this out anyway in Arusha. Unfortunately it is always the same problem, centered around the carburetor and the exhaust manifold. The problem is that nobody so far, from Zimbabwe up to here, could fix it properly. We stayed again at Lake Duluti, Geoffrey was very pleased to see us again, so we pitched our tent again at Lake Duluti.

Ms Land Rover on top not knowing that the Land Rover stuttering again
Ms Land Rover on top not knowing that the Land Rover stuttering again

In the morning we drove again to Afsali in Arusha to tell him, that the Land Rover stuttering and is still not running properly. They exchanged the spark plugs, which already had been used for 20.000 km, but the car still was not running smooth. As it was late we drove back to the campsite, to come again the next day.

In the morning again at Afsalis garage. Carburetors out, checking everything, but not really successful, but it was running a bit better now. We went to the post office because a parcel we expected disappeared. So we had to go to DHL. But they said that within Tanzania it is transported by postal mail, so we had to go to the post office. There we learned that we had to go to another post office, but not today it was too late already.

Again at Afsalis garage. The accelerator cable was too short, now it was running to high. The guy did not fit it back properly yesterday, but did not tell us, so they had to replace it at their own costs. They fitted a new condenser as well, but it still was stuttering, but as it was already late we drove back to the campsite. As it was already dark, and the lights of the Land Rover are more like a candle, the Land Rover stuttering, so driving back to the campsite in the dark was a nightmare. Eventually we arrived safe at the campsite.

Back to the garage. But before I had to search for our parcel. At the post office the guy had kept it, because he wanted that I pay import tax on this used hard drive. I turned mad, because the hard drive was sent to Germany and now returned, it was not even new, but used, so I denied paying import tax. So the officer did not give me the parcel and said if I wanted I could complain at revenue authority, but first I have to pay tax, then I can go with the receipt to his boss at revenue authority to claim it back. I was so furious that I paid and we drove straight to revenue authority. His boss was not really fond of me, because I made him hassle, but at least I could discuss the matter. He did not really understand, why I am claiming tax. I explained to him, but he insisted that there is tax on it. So I explained him with other words and tried an example. I told him: When I am a tourist and come with my underwear to Tanzania, I do not have to pay tax for it, right. Yes. So now imagine, I do not know how to wash my dirty pants and send it back home to my mother to wash it, and later she sends the washed panty back to me to Tanzania and I will take it with me to the next country. Do I have to pay tax? The officer replied with No. Then I said, see it is the same with the hard drive. Suddenly he scratched his head and thought. He took out a book and was reading some paragraphs to me. The he said, indeed you are right, you do not have to pay tax. But got cautious and asked me how I could guarantee that I do not sell the hard drive. Arrrgh. Finally he filled out the form, which I had to bring back to the post office to claim the money back, Which I did and it worked. A lot of ado for such a minor case.

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