Lake Manyara – Panorama campsite high above the lake

Lake Manyara is one of the most gorgeous lakes in the region

A few years back we had been to Panorama Campsite, which offers a marvelous view over lake Manyara. We enjoyed one night there, but this time we wanted to stay longer. When we arrived there, a lot had changed. The campsite was under construction, they were in renovation work, which was necessary, because in the last two years it had major damages. After establishing our camp, we went the few meters to the cliff, where they had tables, had coffee and cake and enjoyed the great view over lake Manyara.

Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara

We could see the small aircraft that started over the cliffs for their flight around Ngorongoro crater and Lake Manyara. Later a troup of baboons ran through the camp, dangerous for our dog, because they go for dogs. We had dinner in front of our tent, when Alexandra suddenly jumped up. A cobra was crawling very close to her feet in my direction. I ran to the car to get the flash lamp while Alex was observing her. This snake is very dangerous, so one of the stuff came with a second flashlight. The Hungarian constructor, that was working here for the Hungarian owners, killed the snake. That might sound cruel, but if you live here, the danger of being bitten and dying is just too high, so every owner of a property tries to keep snakes away and kills them. We kept Tara in the car for the evening, although she listens to us, it is dangerous to keep her out in the dark. Later we went to bed and heard the hyenas laughing.

The place is good to stop for some time, we have to work again, internet is fast here and the atmosphere quite nice.

Office above Lake Manyara
Office above Lake Manyara

Around noon we drove down to Mta wa Mbu, we got a hint where we could buy cheap wine and frozen chicken. The campsite is 30.000 TSh around 20 US$ per night. We worked all day but late afternoon our power supply was burning like in Dar es Salaam, but funny enough although it melted it was still working. Power supply in Tanzania is horrible, the changing in voltage ruins so many devices and thus is costly.

The Hungarian constructor showed us a stick insect and a chameleon.

Lake Manyara Chameleon
Lake Manyara Chameleon

He is a nice guy and he is friend of the owners and builds new bandas here. The method is amazing. It was developed originally to build things on the moon, but the idea is quite simple. You get plastic hoses about 50 cm in diameter, fill it with soil, compress it, a little bit of water and put each sack on top of the other. The costs for such houses are almost nil, because everything can be taken from nature, except hose and barbed wire which is used to prevent the sacks from slipping.

Martin and Christin arrived, but of course we just said a short Hello to each other.

We were discussing where we go next, Lake Natron would be nice, now with the Land Rover it would be possible, with the camper van it did not work. So we were planning our further route, what we wanted to visit and how we in general shall continue. The idea came up instead of turning down to South Africa again, we could proceed via Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Irak, Pakistan to India. I liked the idea, so we were thinking to get into more details, if this is possible.
Christin and Martin left. We said good bye to each other.