Malindi food – Italian restaurants everywhere

Malindi food

We started early, Raj had invited us to stay in his apartment, but as he was not in Malindi, he gave the keys to his partner, and he should guide us there. We had to phone him, when we had arrived in Malindi. The drive to Malindi was nice, very nice tarmac road and we enjoyed being on the road again. When we arrived in Malindi, we phoned Raj’s friend and he directed us to his apartment, gave us the keys and left us. When we were walking Tara, the property manager saw us and told us we must leave, because pets were not allowed. I was wondering because there were living many Italians who had pets as well. When we told him, that we stayed in Raj’s apartment, suddenly it was no problem anymore, but we were pissed off by this manager and anyway we had no Internet reception in Raj’s apartment, so we told the guy that we would move to the campsite the following day. As it was my birthday, in the evening we went to this very nice Italian Pizza restaurant to try Malindi food, where we had Pizza, delicious one and fantastic real Italian ice cream. It was a perfect birthday.

We packed our things and drove to Malindi campsite which was not situated at the beach, but in town, but it was quite nice and the owner Priscilla was a very nice person. We built up our large tent under a tree, there was even a kiosk where we could buy cold drinks, which was nice for us because we had no fridge. We had electricity, Internet and a cheap price. Everything fine.

We enjoyed after 3 years Africa a day shopping in Malindi and Malindi food. There were these wonderful Italian Restaurants and shops. We got beautiful Italian red wine for less than 3 US$ per liter, which is really extremely cheap for Africa. Normally you do not get wine, cheap wine for under 8 US$. Then we found a real Italian Espresso Coffee maker, the silver ones, that work with pressure, which enabled us to enjoy proper coffee again, after this long time of instant coffee.

Next to the campsite there was a local restaurant, which we wanted to try. We had some Kuku na Chipsi (Chicken fried with French fries), which really was tasty and not expensive. In Africa you have often two choices of chicken. One is called Kuku, which is an African breed and it does not matter how it is prepared, it is tough, more suited for African teeth than for Europeans. The other choice is called broiler, which is chicken the more western style, with rather soft meat.

As we were in Paradise with Malindi food, at least from a culinary point of view, we went for a Pizza at Melting Pot Restaurant. Very good and tasty Pizza, although there were hardly any guests, price range 6 to 8 US$ for a large Pizza.

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