Dar es Salaam to Bagamoyo with our Land Rover

Dar es Salaam to Bagamoyo


With the Matatu we went to Dar es Salaam to buy a power unit for the computer, because due to the poor electricity in Tanzania, they frequently start to burn. And we wanted to get Land Rover spares, just in case, condenser and points. The problem with the points is that they are from China and the quality is so bad that they frequently fail for different reasons, also the condensers. We got a good discount at the shop. Back at the village we did some shopping. Suddenly the guy who was watching the repair of the Land Rover the other day approached us and threatened to kill our dog. When he was watching the repair he was too close to the car and Tara barked at him and he was so afraid that he jumped away, thus his friend were laughing about him. I did not take this threat serious, he was just a stupid guy, if he would have continued I would have brought him to police.

Ferry before Dar Es Salaam to Bagamoyo
Ferry before Dar Es Salaam to Bagamoyo


After several days the goat guy showed up again. He had a beard now and wear a cap to hide him. He had repaired a ventilator for Salomon which he brought to the guest house. He was ashamed obviously, because he did not look at us. The strange thing is that Salomon had punished and beaten the guy some days before and now to speak to each other if nothing had happened. Things work different in Africa.


In the morning we finally left for Bagamoyo. The road was nice, tar and it was a pleasant ride . In Bagamoyo we had a look at different accommodations and we decided for Bagamoyo Beach resort, first it was reasonable, second it had hot showers and clean toilets. The campsite was behind the bar, not directly at the beach and did not look very idyllically at the first moment, but turned out to be very nice. We put our large tent under the palm tree in the shade, a little bit dangerous, because sometimes coco nuts fall down the tree. Not far from the campsite within walking distance along the beach, there was the fish market where we could get very delicious fish.

It was also nice to see, because during noon there was one open fire next to the other where the fisher men prepared fish for sale. At one place there was a hall with a few freezers, where people sold fresh fish. There you had to bargain of course, we bought white snapper and other fish for about 3 US$ per fish. In the evening we walked to Dolphin bar, a small bar with restaurant, where they offered fried Chicken and french fries for about 4 US$ for half a chicken. We met a French guy who was living just round the corner with his Tanzanian wife and two kids. He invited us for breakfast the next day. Although it was already dark, we walked back to the campsite. But Bagamoyo is rather safe.

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