Botswana – Maun

Botswana – Maun (20.11.2011)

We left for Botswana, because our Visa expired. We took the shortest way to Maun, knowing that in January we will come back, as Robi has not got the papers for the van. So we drove to Grootfontein, to Tsumkwe and left Namibia at Dobe, where we entered Namibia.

The border crossing was no problem, but the gravel road was quite a challenge, deep sand passages changed with hard corrugated gravel. It was the first time I drove the Land Rover off road and I was excited about its capability off road. At a long sand passage which was hill up I stopped just to try if I could get the Land Rover moving again. I engaged 4×4 and it moved as if nothing special were on the road. I am excited. This would not have been possible with the van. Fuel consumption was ok, instead of 14 liters per 100 km, it was 15 liters – no issue. Back on the tar, we passed a veterinary fence. Soon we arrived at Sedia Hotel in Maun, where we arranged a special price for a month in advance – and they had WIFI.

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