Kamanjab finally

Kamanjab (30.08.2011)

At this day we managed to get to Kamanjab, but before Otjiwarongo, Alexandra’s tire on the Land Rover burst. So we had to change it. So it got already dark when we made the last 150 km to Kamanjab in the dark. The route is a little bit dangerous, as there are many wild animals crossing. When we finally arrived at Oppi Koppi we got a warm welcome by Vital and Marianne. We planned to stay here for another 3 month.

We talked with Robi, he was interested in the camer van. We would give it to him for free, if gets us the right papers, which we need to get our deposit from the German Automobil Club back. So we left him the papers. He would try it. We spend the time in Kamanjab with working on our new projects to get a new income again.

Kamanjab - Marianne
Kamanjab – Marianne

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